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“You feel overwhelmed by choice, and need support with design decisions”

From commercial to residential construction and renovation projects, we build teams to assist you with consultation and management of every design element. We are here to empower you throughout the decision making process. We help you go deep in your identity, and be courageously creative. We dare you to dream.

“You have an idea of what you want, but are unsure how to apply it to your space”

Creating a mood board of images that represent the decorations and styles you love, is already a big step in the design of a space. We can help you with the practical application, and adapt to your physical environment.

“Feed their imagination by designing a unique universe they can get lost in”

Every child has their own individual personality and specific needs. Nurture them in a safe space, a pretty playground or a comforting cocoon; we use shapes and colours that will inspire and delight their senses.

“We help you create an authentic personality for your space”

Maybe you are looking for a dedicated design consultancy for a variety of ongoing projects that can work remotely. Whatever stage you are at in your process, and wherever you are in the world, our team is here to support and show you the way!

“Take your space to the next level”

Whether you already have a ‘luxury’ space that simply needs a modern touch and style update, or you are just starting out in the luxury sector. We help you go deep into your values and design aesthetic; providing an audit and lavish recommendations that will delight your customers.

“To love beauty is to see light” - Victor Hugo

Lighting has a significant role to play in design. Every single detail makes a difference, especially when it comes to the finishing touches. Our specialised team will help you improve your space with different styles and positioning of lighting. We utilise the latest innovations, with regards to both design and sustainability.

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