Engage With Us

At Keona, we are
your design partner. 

Our focus is on the outcome— what is best for the project— and we build our engagements accordingly. Though we are physically located in Bali, Indonesia, we are able to work anywhere in the world both through virtual and in-person collaboration. We have two key working styles, and based on your situation, one may work better than the other.

On-Demand Consultation

As your on-demand consultant, we are here to provide an extra set of hands during your project. Bring us in for to advise you on design choices, sourcing decisions, to help you connect aesthetic preferences to functional decisions. As an experienced third part, we can challenge you and your team to push your concept further, brining a fresh set of eyes to your project. Projects are billed at an hourly rate in this scenario.

Fixed Fee Project

Based on your specific needs, we will define a scope of work and assign a budget for the desired outcome. We will always work towards the desired outcome, but may be more constrained by the original estimate, should the scope and schedule change.

General Enquiries

Please send us an email or a message via whats’app.


In the meantime, you can view our latest work on our Instagram pages keona.design & keonasmagic.