Our Process

Strength in Opposing Forces


Every project starts with a clear understanding of the purpose and DNA of what we’re creating. We must trust each other enough to share the deepest parts of our vision. Here is where we read between the lines and help you dare to reach further.


In this phase, we start to express our vision through design—raw materials, textures, shades, shapes, shadows. We apply principles of feng shui to create a positive flow of energy. We start to bring your dreams to a place that we can all see, feel, and experience.


Once we aligned to what we’re creating, the hard work begins. We put plans into action—sourcing materials, hiring contractors, managing the build, adjusting to unexpected challenges.. Here is where the strength of a detailed plan makes all the difference.


Before we turn over a space to our clients, we complete it with the tiny details that complete it. We awaken all of the senses by adding finishing touches like curated artwork, live plants, and crystals to help maintain the energy of the space. 

It is important to bring our best selves to every step of this process— our energy directly affects the outcome of our work. Every meeting, we start with 3-5 minutes of breath work to center and ground ourselves in our intention. We are also mindful of energy and flow throughout the project, and aim to maintain balance through ceremony & ritual.