Meet Keona

Thoughtful Spaces Inspired by the Gifts of the Gods.

The best designers have an openness to inspiration and creativity. We find inspiration in everything—in the abundance and bounty of nature, in how chaos emerges strong, raw materials, and in the beauty of textures, shapes, and shadows. But our biggest gift is the ability to translate that inspiration into the built environment with precision—transforming a vision into the language of the owners, the builders, and eventually, the patrons.

For my entire life, I have aspired to find balance within the opposing forces of my mind and my soul. They say the devil is in the details, but for me, the gifts are in the details. This is where we create the most intimate connection between heart, soul, and place.

My aspirations and intuition drive me, but my attention to detail and technical knowledge of materials, textures, and flow are what guide me to create spaces that function and feel best for those who use them.

I live my life in gratitude to my surroundings—the beautiful places I have lived and explored, from Paris to Singapore, to Barcelona, and in my current home in Bali, Indonesia. I appreciate how nature creates long lasting spaces that can outlive people, changes in weather, and even extreme circumstances. I use these natural materials wherever possible, because they have been tested for centuries and have withstood every challenge.
Applying design and architectural principles to these natural gifts creates unique spaces that cannot be easily replicated. Each space I design has its own heartbeat, its own experience, and its own place within its community. This is what inspires me every day.